Friday, June 26, 2009

Due to your wonderful feedback and telephone calls, we are really pleased to announce that our Community Supported Healthcare practice is underway with the first signups completed. We would like to give you a schedule of our progress and what to expect in the coming two months.
The most common question I have encountered is “what will my insurance do?” As there are literally hundreds of policies active in the Midcoast area each with their own formulas for payment, we are unable to provide individual details. Our intention is to print you a claim form to submit yourself for reimbursement directly as I will no longer be a participating insurance provider.
This Community Supported Healthcare practice intends to work very hard to maintain and improve upon the values that we have all created. By removing the insurance companies from our relationship, together we will be able to improve on an already good thing!
On July 17th I will be mailing a packet to everyone that will include detailed instructions on how to sign up.
On August 15th I will be opening up the practice to my long standing waiting list and the general public.
On September 15th my insurance-based traditional practice will come to an end. The Community Supported Healthcare practice will start for those who have signed on!

More on Monday!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I appreciate all the positive phone calls we received this week about my CSH and your great comments on my blog. Thank you to those who have already signed up; and for those who want additional details, and I’d be happy to continue to provide them to you as rapidly as we can:
I’ve been working for over a year to come up with the best model for you and me to continue the values that we have both come to appreciate: the personal relationship with your physician you have come to expect.
I have observed that the CSH type of practice model is unfolding and growing nationwide as other physicians have tried to grapple with the broken primary care system.
My practice manager, Chris McIntosh, with whom many of you have already spoken to, is working closely with me to ensure that we have a fair membership fee that will allow me to continue practicing in the way that my patient’s expect.
The annual fee will approximately be set at $900 which is $75 per month; this will include the annual comprehensive Integrated physical and a number of office visits. More direct access will be afforded, such as there will no longer be the typical 3 month wait to schedule your physical, I will provide members with direct access to me via cell phone, members will have internet access to scheduling and secure access to their medical information if desired, and many other options we are currently working on.
Membership will initially consist of my current patients who are already signing up or who may wish to by August 15th. After that date, I am also opening membership to people that have been on my waiting list for some time.
I will write more in the coming days about the insurance component so that you can be more informed about the choice you will need to make before mid-August.
This is your practice; you are the Community in Community Supported Healthcare. I want to build a practice that honors the values that you desire. Please continue sending me your thoughts on my blog!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank you for all your support and kind comments this weekend. I appreciate your interest in this endeavor.

I have been concerned and continue to be concerned about the direction of our primary healthcare system; I do not believe that the people in power to effect change appreciate the values that I have worked so long to build here at Midcoast Medicine with you. Ideals that I know you have all appreciated: access to your doctor, time with your doctor, results, and personal care are values that we have developed together over time that I do not wish to surrender. Therefore, I am taking charge here at MCM to ensure that these important values continue to be supported. Hence, the Community Supported Healthcare initiative that I am inviting you all to help create and participate in. You can continue to check here each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see my thoughts and leave your thoughts and to learn how we are progressing with this exciting new healthcare delivery system. My practice will close around September and re-open as a CSH for my current patients and the general public who wish to join.

Stay tuned, more to come Wednesday…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you for reading my blog; it is difficult during exam time in my office to discuss these business matters with you, so Midcoast Medicine has created this vehicle for me to discuss my Community Supported Healthcare practice with you. You’ll need to be as informed as possible about the choice facing you in the next few months. This will be a limited practice with 400 patients to start.

What is a CSH?

CSH: A primary healthcare delivery system in which its community members and physician share the common values necessary to promote quality health and well-being.

My CSH will allow you, my patients and members, to participate in a doctor-patient relationship that promotes far better health and well-being than can be attained in the current primary healthcare delivery system.

Please keep checking here, I will write new information each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

In Health,